Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lost Another One...

Not that I keep a count, but when you know you are losing them, your mind takes over your senses! Approximately 30 close ones remained... I loved them all, equally! Off late... one of them pained me no end... you might find this weird... but I was especially fond of her. And it is no IQ achievement to know that the ones who are closest hurt you the most!

It was around a week now, and I couldn't stand it anymore... I have friends, many of them, but none like one Mr. Shetty to help me out in such matters close to my life! So, before I left for Singapore-Malaysia tour, I approached him, and like always... there was a solution ready! Get rid of her...

Now, it is more than 2 weeks... and today I have got rid of her... totally... I feel kind of numb, with no sensation ... no desire to eat.!

Shetty had told me this morning...

"It will take a day or two... the numbness should be gone within a couple of hours! Just take care... have plenty of ice-creams... that would cheer you up! No hot things for you... it doesn't help the mood. Just relax, hang out with your family! Talk a lot with your mom, that should help your tongue be in place! You remember the last time... you had lost two of your wisest ones... this remedy had worked."

"I know!", I said. "But that was different. They were recent developments... new ones. I could do without them! You konw this ones been with me all my life... I feel a void. While eating, food just doesn't go in! You must know, understand!"

"I know. I do understand. You can get a replacement. Just as good as the old one... just wait for a couple of months..."

"Ah!", I just waved him off... and walked home! Now, just 29 remain...

I really don't know if I can chew my food as well..., certainly not after having Lost Another TOOTH!!!

*ing -
Abinav Kumar.
Dr. Satyapal Shetty.
The dying at the 3rd from left bottom position.
The set of 30 teeth (special appearance).