Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ab 'Bus' bhi karo...

OK! I just can't get enough of the MNS saga.

Enough said and written about the 'Spirit of Mumbai'. Now it's time to show the Spirit of Malegaon. Just wondering...where the spirit was on September 8, 2006.

Bachao! Help!

Ironical. I plan to visit Bombay (my home) in December and as there seems to be a vacancy; does anyone know how do I apply for Z-security?

IT Capital?

So much for being the IT capital of the world ...

Ranked 48th out of the 66 participating countries - In other words, we are still considered a 'cost-effective' center rather than any of the 'value partner' centric proposition that every SWITCH company is claiming to be..

Round sourcing?

Now this is interesting... round-sourcing, eh?! Just when we think the exploitation-raj of off-shoring is over, here comes a new term... 'Round-Sourcing' ... "Enna koduma saar idhu"

Anyway - the good news is this. We are now not being seen by the United States as offshore vendors, but also as placement partners. We are moving up the value chain, I would say!

Oil Price set to rise again...

Due to some reason, oil prices are set to shoot up!