Sunday, July 27, 2008

My wife would be the luckiest girl...

No! I am not married - and my current stance of no marriage for me, stands. But the above is what a 'kili joshiyar' (parrot-astrologer, to be literal) told me!

Kili-joshiyars (explained before, KJ from now on) are people who sit by the roadside (or in beaches as was the case) with a couple of parrots generally named Meenakshi/ Lakshmi or such-like. They have a set of cards, with a divine photo on one side and then some (coded) stuff on the other, which would shortly read out what your near future holds in store. They then call out the parrot and ask it to pick up a card for us. They keep talking to the parrot, while smartly signaling with his hands to the parrot to get a card. (Shhh! They don't know that we know about this - so in case you go to the KJ anytime please don't spoil the fun!)

Anyway. A friend and I were walking on the beach by my residence here in Chennai, and we saw this dude on the beach. Another guy was already hearing this man out as he was reading out from a book. After knowing that he is going to be filthy rich in some years, and that he shouldn't wed another woman in the near future - he mocked at the exercise and left. So, I rolled my sleeves, and totally geared up for my turn.

'What's your name?'




Then he calls out the parrot and does the routine! Then opens the card, opens the relevant page and says stuff in Tamil which is almost beyond my comprehending ability. But, the gist was this -

1. I would be traveling abroad soon. It would be immensely profitable and I should not miss the chance.
2. I am a good boy and would make my parents proud.
3. Of course! My wife would be the luckiest girl.

Doesn't sound too bad, eh?