Friday, July 31, 2009

Absolute Vanity

1. I am not too crazy about fantasy movies. No, not even Lord of the Rings

2. I think Harry Potter is for kids. So is Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Transformers, etc.

3. I liked Paheli, though. I thought it was a gutsy take and the movie didn't take itself too seriously. Come to think of it, I liked Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

4. I like to argue. No. Heck. I love to argue. My friend Bomb (not his real name) thinks Amartya Senmust dedicate his Nobel Prize to me (for being the personification of an Argumentative Indian)

5. I vehemently disagree to that. I like to reason. Sometimes the reasoning is very fundamental - so fundamental that people tend to think I argue just for the sake. But I solemnly swear right here, right now that it is not the case. Argue. Reason. Know.

6. I do not argue. I discuss. No one looks at an argument as a discussion. That sort of puts me off. Once they run out of points - they get defensive and retort saying 'you are saying this just so that you win the argument'. And that is when I realize that the other guy/ gal is actually thinking we are into an argument.

7. I can't shut-up

8. I can't. No, really! I can't

9. I have no clue why I am rambling in points - but doesn't really matter does it.

10. I know this is how it is, and yet it surprises me that people form conclusions/ opinions just like that

11. I can't talk in rights and wrongs. I don't believe in them. I have my own theories, which people find to be really weird. They tell that to me all the time. And I continue to formulate new theories. So, people conclude that I like to be weird so I get noticed. As I told, people form conclusions/ opinions just like that

12. I understand this and have accepted this in life - once you get a boyfriend/ girlfriend - you change. End of discussion. I have accepted it. You too, must accept it. Do not see it as right or wrong. It will screw up one of two things - your friendships or your relationship

13. I suck at mastering anything. I can't stay put with any one thing.

14.I have views on religion. But not on politics. I think politics is a much abused word. And so is religion.

15. I believe god has nothing to do with Religion. And neither with spirituality

16. I think going to temple to worship god is sort of amusing. I mean, why preach god is everywhere and then specifically go to a temple to worship. Wait a min., if god is indeed the entity he is made out to be - do we need to worship him at all?

17. I think I am god. Not the Naan Kadavul types; I think more of Anbe Sivam types

18. I know this post is tending towards 'girlish' - but what the heck

19. I think there is a lot of hypocrisy around. That actually doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that the hypocrites are bothered by others' hypocrisy. Sort of freaks me out.

20. I had been to Australia. Good time there. And guess what - the only traces of racism I could feel against Indians was in Indians. I mea, you go to an Indian restaurant and see how the Indian waiters treat the white-skin and then see how you treat you!

21. I say, if my mother is dead against me marrying a girl from another community/ caste, she ain't got no right to talk foul about racism or communism

22. I am not going to marry. Ever. That's a declaration. I mean, what is the need for it?

23. I am happy, not gay. That is a declaration too.

24. I like the rains. In fact, I love them

25. I wonder why most people who read posts do not comment. I just checked my dashboard for the first time - it is pretty cool. Never knew it gave so many statistics. Anyway, my beach side stories - 1 has got over 2500 views (which is unbelievable) and only 2 comments (which is crazily unbelievable). I am not advertising/ publicizing or anything- just mentioning.

26. I never can read my own stuff again. I find it terribly boring. And I am not telling this just for the sake. I seriously can't read my own stuff. I never even used to cross-check my exam papers.

27. I, after having set such high standards, have read beach side stories -1 twice over. It is quite nice. Ok. Now I am publicizing.

28. I don't have a problem with people changing attitudes as long as they accept. Come to think of it, once you accept it I am fine with it

29. I know, that is how it is.

30. I loved the HitchHikers' Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2). It is hilarious. I seriously think it is influenced a lot by P.G. Wodehouse - only that the scale of craziness is a zillion times more

31. I wonder why none of the girls I know like H2G2

32. I wonder why girls like pink

33. I just realized that every single point in this post begins with 'I'. I am sure now that I have mentioned it, none of you would believe that this wasn't deliberate

34. I want to go sprinting in the mornings, cycling at nights

35. I want to learn swimming

36. I know writing long posts is the number 1 put off reason for the reader; but this aint as much for the reader

37. I think Nasseeruddin Shah is the best actor India has produced. I am a sucker for Nasseeruddin Shah movies

38. I never really liked Rahman till Duet was out. Today, I am a crazy Rahmaniac

39. I have been discovering Ilayaraja recently; err... discovering is a HUGE word. I don't know crap about music to say I am discovering or any such thing. But that's ok.

40. I am looking for a possible explanation for this - consider A and B. Both of them good people. Though one is better than the other, under the hypothetical possibility of scoring people over the other, say, B is better than A. Also, assume that all people know this for a fact. There are still people who like A. How? Or why?

41. I am one of them. Ok! I like Nadal over Federer. I like Ajit Agarkar. Let me stress, it is NOT the game I am a fan of. It is the overall package. And I can't explain that.

42. I haven't bought clothes for the past 9 years. Alright. Just once, when I had to join my first company in 2005 after engineering. I mean c'mon I didn't have formals at all.

43. I, when in Mysore during my initial training period in the first job, did not iron my clothes for the whole of 4 months

44. I haven't ever been really scared. The last time I was scared was in my dreams. Long ago.

45. I do not believe in ghosts - but deep inside wish I can meet one sometime

46. I think girls should, in the name of equal rights, protest against reservation for women in educational institutions. Or support the caste based reservations. Or at least not protest that.

47. I like places based on the food it has to offer. Vegetarian, spicy and loads of street food. In that order. Mumbai, Mysore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad - each of these places has great food. Chennai is the worst of all - with regards food.

48. I ask, and al I ask for is a little consideration

49. I love Mumbai for the precise reason you hate it. So, don't bother.

50. I think Gandhi absolutely rocked.

51. I possibly can't get more random than this