Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Surely, You must be joking Mr. FinMin!

This is ridiculous! Why the hell should I pay a 1% cess to fund the bleeding PSU's? If oil price is rising, LET IT RISE! For crying out loud, Mr. PC you are simply ridiculing the common man's common sense. Going by the audacity of this move, there will be a day when I am sure there would be a 'tax-cess', simply because there aren't enough people paying taxes and then it would be the I-T department's turn to save face! Sounds far-fetched? We pay a 'cess' because we pay tax!

Education cess (whether or not it is being used and furthermore rightly so is another line of argument) is still understandable and by and far acceptable. But why, pray I, should I pay for those who are using their vehicles! I shall, present a couple of points which would make it obviously apparent to the reader why rising the price of petrol would help matters
a. Only those with vehicles, presumably middle and higher class, are charged and rightly so
b. At best, people will stop using their vehicles and use public transport instead; thus reducing congestion on city roads and also helping reduce pollution - sounds like a government should be pro-this?!

Anyway... let's wait, watch and hope the FinMin's just joking about this.


madhavj said...

I think if the petrol prices are raised, than the already inflating inflation would inflate further! Petrol prices have a direct impact on the day to day working of everyone. So the cess is a better way i would say.
But ur Q where u say only people with cars should pay the tax, then they would increase the ticket prices in public transport. We still have same prices when oil was at 70$....
the best way is to reduce the excise duty on the import of oil...

Abinav Kumar said...

@Inflation - Well this is the 'purdah' for the FinMin. Petrol constitues some .8% in inflation calculation... so many believe (will post link here) that it ain't gonna affect inflation. Diesel, kerosene - yes... they affect the commonest of common man. So spare them!

@Cess - ha ha!

@ Public transport - yes they should be raised in tandem with inflation... if not oil prices!

@Excise duty - Reliance would kill the PSUs!

Anyway... the good news is that the cess has been called off! ( guess PC read my blog!! :D)