Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Book Review: Waiting for the Mahatma

RK Narayan is best known for putting life into the small town that is Malgudi. And within its perimeters he is a master.He could dissect the daily details to nuanced perfection and (if you are a South Indian) you are transported right into the small household on Kabir street. Such is his narration and attention to (otherwise neglected) details. But, that is when he is talking about Swami and his friends. Or say about small town people and their daily chores.

Here, the canvas he has chosen is much wider. The characters he tries to sketch are itching to take a form much larger than routine. The circumstances are such. The backdrop is political. And he tries to set a love story in it.



Aparna said...

You are right. I am crrently you tubing all the Malgudi Days episodes. It is just awesome. Wish can go back to the Doordarshan days of waiting to watch Malgudi days :-)


Daneshia said...

sounds very interesting.. never knew even RKN wrote abt him!!

Meghna said...

I've been waiting to read this book....get hold of it soon, yes I will!

Nice review!

Abinav Kumar said...

Well... thanks all.

@Aparna - so hows married life coming along?
@Dans - read it maybe
@Meghs - hows school?! i read some of your posts last time around, Great thing you got going!

Daneshia said...

Hey, your Life n Styles is removed???

And - i just thought, your blog templates suit you! White white white! :-)

Abinav Kumar said...

@Dans - yes, Life and Styles removed! For a later time in life maybe..! :P