Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Movies

Yes! Have been so out of movie watching ever since Chennai happened. A total of only 5 movies in the past 25 days! Anyway. Signed up with BIG Flix. They are super cool - quite a few firsts on offer. For starters:

1. They offer free pick-up and drop services - no conditions apply!
2. There is NO* time limit on CDs/ DVDs <* - except for new releases which are in high demand; that I guess is only fair>
3. They have a very comprehensive collection - and they promise to keep growing

You could queue your movies online or walk into any of their outlets and drop and pick a movie. And did I forget that users of ICICI credit/ debit card are getting a good 40% off for the next 3 months! Now THAT was a buy in for me!

I have already gone 2 up in two days. Khuda Kay Liye - long in waiting. Very nice movie. Kabuliwalai - yes the 1961, Balraj Sahni starrer. If you haven't seen it - you are probably missing something. Awesome performance by the protagonist and mind blowing songs from Salil Choudhary!

Anyway. Have queued up some 20 odd movies which I plan to sweep up before end of next month. I am on a roll!



Daneshia said...

plz publish the list! :)

Abinav Kumar said...

sure will... watched Unbreakable today waise.!

Manjot said...

Watch "A Wednesday". Heard its a good movie. Let me know your personal comments after you watch it.

Akshay said...

Sounds like a good deal.... I have ICICI.... I shud better use it...

Jaydeep Hingne said...

Kool site dude..
nice posts..
keep 'em comin in..

Abinav Kumar said...

@Akshay - Put it use!
@JD - thanks man. you keep visiting... :)