Monday, August 11, 2008

Caw Caw Black Crows

This link, linked me to this link. Both the links essentially talks about how other intelligent creatures are seldom respected for what they are. Crows. They have been traditionally loathed for being black and having a really irritating voice, second only to Himesh-bhai some say.

Actually, traditionally we have acknowledged its intelligence. Really. Have you ever wondered why the Jataka tale should have had a crow dropping stone to drink water from the pot? I mean - we could have had the enviably adored peacock. The nosy parrot or even the other overly eulogized black bird - the mynah. But no - our 'thathas' and 'paatis' chose the crow. And I will tell you what, after watching this video I feel the crow and the water-stone story is based on 'real life incidents'.

Crow on.


Kartik said...

Here's an interesting explanation my mom heard on TV of why we feed crows the food every day and not dogs or any other animal.

When Crows are fed, they caw caw their entire family in, they meet and eat together. This happens when a crow dies, they call every one they know in! Intelligent indeed.

Whereas dogs are more content with eating while their children supposedly starve.

Besides, R.K Laxman just drew crows all the time for the same reason.

nice post :)

Daneshia said...

:) hmm!

Abinav Kumar said...

Hey - which Kartik is this? KT or Kadu? Or is this a 3rd one? :)Anyway - the rediff link was nice. RK Laxman rocks! :)

Kartik said...

This was KT da