Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ah! Finally...

Sense prevails. The INC took a decision, arguably forced into it, to hike fuel prices in the country. That decisions such as these are marred by the coalition party itself rather than the opposition defeats the whole purpose of a democracy! The CPI(M) in all its concern for the common man said -

The move provoked an angry reaction from India’s left parties, on which the Congress party-led ruling coalition depends for its parliamentary majority.

They vowed to stage national protests against any hike in oil prices beginning Thursday and said that the climbing prices of commodities and food is becoming “unbearable” for common people.

Raising oil prices will have a “cascading effect and heap further burdens on the people.

And the continuous government funding of the loss making Oil companies won't? The demand which was kept artificially and unreasonably high would now regain some sanity. And, does the INC always need to be pushed into the detestable corner before literally giving into a decision?

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