Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amma - you will have to wait

Arrgh - I thought I would buy my mom the new iPhone, with its oh-so-affordable pricing. With the manufacturing cost of the handset was quoted at less than USD 170, Steve Jobs in his Keynote had surprised the world with the piece's pricing. But it seems, the USD 199 price tag was the subsidized (by AT & T) rate in the US. Both Vodafone and Airtel (partners of iPhone in India) declined quoting the price or offering subsidies. And that of course is understandable, ARPU of telecom companies in India is already the lowest; so no margins there for both Vodafone and Airtel. Whatever be the case, it looks like it is not going to be USD 199 anymore! [:(]

And for anything more than that, amma will have to wait until August at least - for by then I would have saved enough! [:)]


Manoj said...

Mon is in US btw..Buy on credit boy! [:)] Dont you know the basics of investment? Buy cheap.. ok u need not sell it [:D]

On a serious note, u can ask Monie..mail her..its better to buy now..

Abinav Kumar said...

See - I was waiting for this day! The iPhone costs upward of INR 31k ...!