Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yawn! Are we there yet?

Yes. Yawn it is. It is 04:09 am and just as I was planning to shut my laptop and going off to my cozy little bed - the Times of India reported some (nearly) dangerous consequences of sleeping! Apparently, the Air India flight from Dubai via Jaipur bound towards Mumbai crossed Mumbai and was well on the way towards Goa, when the ATC (finally) managed to wake the pilots up! In their defense, they worked overnight and long enough to have deserved the nap.

With India needing hundreds of pilots in the immediate future, pilots from all over the world are pouring in. Of course, they opt for the private sector basically because of the pay and also the unavoidable shame that they might have to face on mentioning 'I work with Air India!'. So if anyone asks you for a reason you prefer not to travel by Air India - you can give them three:
1. The Air-Hostesses send their grandmothers to work
2. The food is brought in a couple of days too late
3. The pilots get to sleep, and I don't

In case they aren't sleepy; there are chances that they are indeed drunk.

So, next time you are flying in to Bombay from anywhere north on an Air India/ Indian Airlines flight - you might as well reserve that trip to Goa that you had your missus waiting on - just in case the pilot is asleep. Or, to Hyderabad for some pearl shopping - in case he is drunk. Oh! Wait! Or is it Vishakapatnam?


Bala said...

Lol.. I swear, that was the craziest news I had ever heard.. Front page.. Man it was a shocker.. God save the Indian Aviation Industry, oops everyone.. if we are gonna hire these kinda pilots to bridge the gap! Sigh!

Manoj said...

bala means Manoj Balaji not your next door school friend bala.. hence from now on Manoj.

Abinav Kumar said...

got that captain!