Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bachao! Bachao!

Oh man! It is proving an awesome entertainment means for me - the daily newspaper. I never thought reading news was so much fun! In metros like Mumbai, where the media coverage is so wide and almost exhaustive, all you have to do to get your share of fame is to be there - right place, right time! Believe me, if a lizard can, you can too! Now if you are done laughing - does it not occur to you that we are hopelessly helpless when panic strikes.

I believe, fear, second only to smile, is the most contagious human behavior on earth. But, it also needs people who are calm and composed to think things out. And when a woman is screaming for help - all the commuters deserting the station, the past bomb blasts notwithstanding, baffles me. Would it not be instinctive to offer help to a woman screaming for help? Oh damn! I forgot - people have better things to do than saving a woman. If she is saved, how could we possibly showcase the Spirit of Mumbai, right?!


Pranay said...

U r damn right dude! It was pretty unbelievable for me to read that sort of a reaction from the public.Would a woman scream alone if a bomb went off??? Would a woman scream like that on seeing a Bomb?
What exactly were they scared of?
Pathetic. And these are the people who you and I will be with when something actually goes off!

Abinav Kumar said...

And that apart - even if it were a bomb after all - how could any one not check with the screaming woman. That is what is troubling me!

Anyway. I liked your posts. Read a couple of them - will comment on them and read more a little later - got some work to do now.