Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bombay, Cosmopolitan (?)

Seems, the Bombay (Now, Brihanmumbai) Municipal Corporation will now converse in Marathi, only! And what if I do not know Marathi? I have just one question - Why?

If this is in any way an effort to revive Marathi as a language then I pity the meager imaginative abilities of those involved. If this is politically backed - then Ha! If this is (yet) another MNS folly, then God save Bombay!


Harini said...

I think Marathi-speaking lads can stake claim to Mumbai (I say this out of deference to the rule of the day) only because of its geographical location.

In my personal opinion, if Bombay belongs to any particular community, then it should be the Gujaratis or the Parsis and at the most the Marwaris who by their sheer business acumen and later philanthropy made the city and gave it its buzzing life today.

Not surprising, considering that Maharashtra and Gujarat were a part of the larger Bombay Presidency until May 1960.

But having said that, I think what makes the city truly special is that it's beyond the cosmos of the word cosmopolitan. It's a unique blend, an oxymoron. Yes that's what it is poetically, pictorially, really.

So I really feel like getting out and kicking some donkey-ass their... but then I don't think they'll hear my physical assault unless it's in Marathi!

Abinav Kumar said...

Lolz! Good one.

There was an article, which I now forget to revive, which beautifully put any and all claims of Marathi-ism to shame! Endless list of evidences the article had.