Saturday, June 21, 2008

And who is to curb this Terrorism...

Going by the definition here and a Canadian scholar's view, what else can you possibly call the Sikh community's actions in Mulund and some other areas of Thane? Or what, for that matter, would we call the Sena's - both the one which defames Shivaji (Shiv Sena) and Maharashtra (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) - actions in the past! Guess it is time to wake the ATS up.

And on this same note I wonder, if any Muslim community has done this so regularly in India - and if at all they did - would they be tolerated as much as the aforementioned!

And we are a secular state nonetheless. Oh! The undoings of a democracy.

Disclaimer: This post is not for or against any religion or community as am I not for or against any community. In most cases it is the foolhardiness of an insignificant portion of the community involved. And it ends up defaming the community as a whole at times. And it is these very people against whom sterner action, if at all, has to be taken. In any case I can't see a reason why my life should be at risk; or anyone person or a group be disrupting my routine life in general.


Harini said...

Today morning's protests definitely Mulund its fifteen minutes of fame. Or rather infamy we could have done without.

To see our MLA Sardar Tara Singh growling on our news-hungry news channels and feeding them their bytes was rather off-putting. He, I believed, could have behaved more responsibly as a representative of our suburb by voicing an opinion against the mad violence.

It is saddening that what should have been sorted out and settled by the authorities of this religious sect has been allowed to blow away into uncontrollable proportions. Do we sense the undercurrents of a Khalistan movement again? I hope not.

Abinav Kumar said...

It was a 15 minute defamer for Mulund! Whatever! It is now suppressed; so sorry to disappoint you on the Khalistan front [:)]!

The media; huh! The lesser said the better. I have successfully stopped reading newspapers; except when I am in need of some serious humor. Internet is all that I scourge for news and such-like. Mostly read the news column only until there is a headline that screams! I think there is - don't laugh - but there is indeed a huge market for news. Yes! The 24 x 7 news channels (pun intended) not withstanding! Almost none of them give serious news.