Friday, June 20, 2008

Education as I would like

I would love to open up an educational institution some day.

Where people learn; not study. For all you know, it might not have teachers! Certainly no reservations. No degrees or certificates either. No syllabi, to start with. No age limits, no classrooms. We shall learn the art of living (oh! that's a pun), children would not litter, they would plant a lot. They shall have a lot of options to choose from - sports, music, drama, religion, science, maths, languages, etc. Politics, civic sense and General Knowledge would be encouraged. There would be no Sunday. In fact, it wouldn't matter. One may or may not attend courses. All have to impart education to some other - there would be trips to areas of the under privileged. Life wouldn't be a luxury - but they would live as they want to - it would be one's choice.

There will be no dress code; or any code for that matter. Intellect and thought would replace influence and processes. Innovation would be back. Of course, no one would give us any work. We all would be entrepreneurs in our own right. And then one day, we shall become so big - the system around us would change. Will change. They simply would have to.

Damn the rest!


Mansi Trivedi said...

I wish I could say this would work but it won't. Applying some degrees of this will but not all of it. After all it is a system...
I love the education system here. I wish we learnt about global cultures in school. I wish we were more street smart - all of us.
good thought though.

Abinav Kumar said...

I know. How I wish I could say damn the system, and mean it and then hope it would work! Anyway.

The education system in India in one word - sucks.

Ramakrishnan said...

Cool one...Out of the box thinking..Idea although eutopean would definitely help in an individual finding what he wants in life for himself rather than choose from a set of standadized options..I like it..And who knows, as u say,it can spark a change..

Abinav Kumar said...

Ramki - it is not that utopian a situation - considering the fact that a tribal could take it up - albeit his objective being entirely different. There is a school in pondicherry - The Aurobindo International - which follows pretty much the pattern I suggested. And, that school is a must see. I had been there and spoke to some professors and students - seemed like everyone was happy! What a super sight!