Monday, June 23, 2008

I think ...

Just yesterday my Amma was, keeping in character with the typical Indian, complaining about the bad roads while not even knowing whom (exactly) to blame. Then, of course, there is the One who is at the receiving end of all agonies - the one word without a definite, fleeting if at all, face - the Government (state or central, no one's really sure). Stating that if at all we as citizens think of setting one aspect of the life right, there is something (else) going wrong (elsewhere). And she ended the complaint with a rhetoric sigh, 'When will all this be set right?!'

'25 years hence!' I said almost surprising myself. She looked at me, with the looks she generally preserves for highly respected swamis in her circles, with wonderment as if I just spelled out a prophecy of some kind. I knew it was upon me to react - lest she go claiming 'Bete ke shareer mein baba-ji aaye!'

So, for the betterment of humanity and also to save myself the embarrassment I continued - 'See amma, the current crop of politicians and general government 'servants' are those who had their youths in the 60s or 70s, much like you and dad. And then, the environment wasn't too good. These guys in the admin now are from the much distraught Nehruvian and post-Nehruvian era. I mean, the independence just been gained. The economy still socialist in nature. A lot of red-tapism. Bureaucracy. None of them - almost - are inherently open to capitalism or the new global economy. If there are any, there are a whopping number who have their doubts about this. The thoughts in the society are not liberal enough. In 25 years, it will be our (generation's) turn. I think (secretly pray and hope) it would be much different then.

We (the 'now' generation) are more open to IT systems, understand the importance of a corruption free society. Understand the importance of time and more importantly speed.' And such (over) optimist suggestions which would suit either hypothetical situations or give a new (?) movie script for Shankar to make!

Note: Of course, the human need for 'POWER' can not ever be satiated but the means to the end would improve for the better, is what I imply. After all, in a broad sense, has not humankind 'graduated' from wars and (world) conquerors, (debate deferred to a different space, please) for manifestation of power?


Vimal said...

hmm..good one Abi!!
It's true that the menatality of the new generation has changed.But being part of the new generation do we find any tidler venturing into politics?? Gone are those days when we had youth battling for the services(civil,administrative) exams!! In today's ever growing need to be an Engineer or an MBA I hardly see any light at the end of the tunnel, unless we encourage and contribute to ventures like Lok Paritrana!!

Abinav Kumar said...


They aren't of much repute today and aren't seen in awe as they were once upon a time. But that sure doesn't mean they aren't popular.

At least these articles makes way for hope to stay afloat.
1. (Will insert link for an article which says that increasingly engineers, doctors and MBA are preferring IAS posts for 'serving' the society)
2. IAS intake doubled
3. Toppers opt for IAS

Of course for every one article in the above vein, there are at least 10 which say IAS is now not doing well and such-like. But my hope lies on this - that a student joins the politics (or not) is hugely driven by parents (or so I believe). As stated before, (our) parents are from the era of Nehruvian damnation, if I may say so. And when us-like people are parents we would (should) be civil enough to change mindsets and accept politics more openly and responsibly.

Daneshia said...