Monday, June 30, 2008

Is it justified?

"So, will you accompany us to hunt tomorrow?", he asks her extending the invitation given to Saket Ram.

"No. No! I am a vegetarian.", she says reminding her husband Saket who retorts saying he is vegetarian too.

"We do not hunt to necessarily eat. Just for fun. Entertainment for us humans.", says Shriram Abhyankar entering into the car.

"So, if animals hunt us down for their entertainment, is that acceptable?", she asks Shriram. Saket interrupts saying, "For that, the animals need to 'invent' guns first."

Almost ignoring what Saket said, she asks Shriram "So, if a wolf takes your child away for fun, is it justified?"

With a passive aggression in his eyes, he replies "That, one could say only if he were a wolf."

The moral correctness of it would depend whether you are the human or the wolf. Does it not?

For this and more, do watch Hey Ram, one of my all time favorites directed and performed by Kamal Hassan. The movie has been cut, slit and taken to parts for analysis here.

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