Monday, June 23, 2008

Celebrating Failure (?)

Only 3 days ago I had drafted a post on how I would like education to be. And it was heart warming to read this article in Times of India.

The article starts with:
Me and my students do not bother ourselves with reservations and such-like.

says Kantibhai Visava, a tribe who runs a school of a different kind. He says
Kids here don't even get an entry into school, the question of colleges doesn't arise at all!

I am not sure to what extent this would work; but am confident as hell this would make the kids a whole lot better than what the traditional system produces anyway.

The most heartening portion is where Visava quotes with a sense of joy that the cut-off for entering school for a certain grade was 60% and one of his students made it up to 59%!
In fact, its singular success is a narrow failure. This April, 35 students sat for the 6th-standard entrance exam to the government-run Eklayva model residential schools. "Their cut-off percentage was 60 and one of our students almost made it with 59 per cent... after only two years of schooling," says Devy. "And when I prove that our children can compete equally with state-level students, I will go to the ministry of education, campaign for this model and demand that the number of school years be reduced as well. My aim, after all, is not just to educate a small number of tribals but to improve the education system on the whole.

Only hoping that the sincerity in his last sentence stays on! All the best!

Note: I had drafted the previous post and published it just today after reading the article in ToI, so here you go - Education, as I would like

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