Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh My God!

Would you book a house in a building built by someone who is not an architect by profession? No? If the 'architect' is from Italy? No? And what if the building were in Dubai? Still, no? The Tax holiday doesn't help? Ok - now what if it is an 80 floor skyscraper? Before you say another NO - let me add this - every floor of this giant can rotate.

I know, I know! You are now sitting mouth-wide-open and thinking of reasons to cover up the fact that you wouldn't be able to afford even a square foot in that tower; let alone buying an apartment. I will help you on to it. Power - the world is facing a power crisis and these guys want power to drive the whole turn the whole building around? Argh! Bad boys - money wielding bad boys! How could you ever buy an apartment which wastes so much power when people in villages of India do not get light in the night to change clothes? Right? Wrong - first get up and switch the light off - it is broad daylight and you don't need tube-lights - the entire mechanism is to be driven by giant wind turbines placed in between floors. Sounds crazy, but that is what the article says.

A couple of other crazy facts, in case you aren't planning to read the article:
1. Penthouses can make their house twirl around at their wish and (voice) command. They also have access to lifts, which can help them park their cars - inside their apartment garage!
2. Each floor is going to be built in Italy and shipped to Dubai - to save on labor, construction cost and time.

Phew! Well - the entire building is to cost USD 700 million as against Mukesh Ambani's 27 storeyed mansion which would cost USD 2 billion! SO much for India being a low cost center!


Manoj said...

Thats a mind boggling number!! And using wind energy - it more or less gives a clear indication of what we all are heading towards in the future in terms of utilisation of renewable energy sources which arguably is the future. So for AMBANI's and other billionaires who have houses not worth the number of zeroes which they cost for, its high time they take the cue from this man made marvel if at all we wanna find a way out of the present acute energy crisis!!

Abinav Kumar said...

Hmm! We should wait and watch as to how it turns out! The idea is great - but execution feasibility is what bothers me!