Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nepali is Indian

I was sort of taken by surprise recently by a blog which made me realize two things; that I am pathetically ill-informed about India and thereby did not know that Nepali is one of India's 23 official languages! So, calling someone who speaks the language Nepali is in effect as politically safe, and in theory a lot more safer than the most generously liberally used 'Madrasi', which is used by those north of the Vindhyas to address those south of it! The citizens of the country that co-hosts the Mt. Everest are called Nepalese; much (un)like Sinhalese which is a language and/ or refers to the people of Sri Lanka! Oh! So confusing...

So; a 'shame on you' to me! And, a good lesson learned.


Ramkumar said...

I dint know that either. Always thought the offical languagues were state based.

Abinav Kumar said...

Oh! You bet! Guess we would have been much more in touch with these things if only we had continued quizzing - remember those days when Rengs used to come up with countries and capitals unheard of!

I am so out of General Knowledge!